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At Financial Markets Consulting & Training (FMCT), specialise in financial markets asset management, custody, and corporate actions are crucial components of the investment and financial services industry. By considering these four main areas - asset management, custody services, corporate actions, and regulatory compliance - financial market participants can navigate the complexities of the industry, protect assets, optimise investment strategies, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Here are four main areas to consider:


FMCT offers expert consulting and training services in the financial markets. They assist clients with asset management, market analysis, and personalised consultancy and training. FMCT aims to help clients achieve their financial goals by providing up-to-date information and guidance. They specialise in asset management and custody, offering tailored solutions to empower clients in controlling their investments. Additionally, FMCT provides comprehensive training to enhance clients' understanding of financial markets. By focusing on these areas, FMCT enables clients to enhance asset management capabilities, strengthen custody services, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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