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Financial Markets Consulting and Training (FMCT) is a reputable firm specialising in comprehensive consulting services and training for capital markets. Our experienced team equips clients with up-to-date information and skills for informed decision-making and maximising returns. With a focus on tailored solutions and a strong network of clients and partners, FMCT provides valuable insights and strategies to navigate capital markets effectively. Capital markets are vital for facilitating the trading of long-term securities like stocks, bonds, and derivatives, enabling businesses and governments to raise capital for various purposes.

Commercial Buildings


Attributes of Capital Markets:

  • Long-Term Investments: Capital markets primarily deal with long-term investments that have a maturity exceeding one year. These investments provide a means for companies and governments to raise long-term funding for projects, expansion, or debt refinancing.

  • Securities Trading: Capital markets involve the trading of securities, which represent ownership interests or claims on assets. Common securities traded in capital markets include stocks (equities) and bonds (debt instruments), along with various types of derivatives.

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  • Intermediaries: Capital markets typically involve intermediaries such as investment banks, brokers, and stock exchanges. These intermediaries facilitate the buying and selling of securities, ensure transparency and fairness in transactions, and provide services such as underwriting, advisory, and market-making.

  • Pricing Mechanism: Capital markets are driven by supply and demand, with prices of securities determined by market forces. The prices reflect investor expectations, risk assessments, and market sentiment, providing a mechanism for valuing investments and assessing their performance.


By possessing these attributes and characteristics, capital markets foster economic growth, provide opportunities for investors to generate returns, and enable businesses and governments to raise capital for productive purposes. They serve as vital components of the global financial system, promoting investment, innovation, and economic development. Characteristics of Capital Markets:​


By providing training in these areas, market participants can enhance their knowledge and skills in capital markets, improve investment decision-making, manage risks effectively, and comply with regulatory requirements. It is important to tailor the training programs to the specific needs and roles of the participants, considering their level of expertise and responsibilities in the capital markets. Here are four areas for capital market training that can be beneficial to market participants:


By engaging in consulting services in these areas, financial market firms can benefit from specialised expertise, strategic guidance, and tailored solutions to optimise their capital market strategies, manage risks effectively, develop innovative products, and improve investor relations. The consulting services should be customised based on the specific needs, goals, and circumstances of each financial market firm. Here are four areas for capital market consulting that can be beneficial for financial market firms:

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