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Financial Markets Consulting and Training (FMCT) specialises in providing expert treasury management training to financial institutions, equipping clients with essential knowledge and skills. Our curriculum covers operations, regulations, and risk management comprehensively. With a team boasting extensive financial markets industry experience, FMCT delivers top-tier consulting and training services tailored to clients' unique needs. Our treasury management training program exemplifies our commitment to meeting customer demands. Contact FMCT, your trusted source for financial markets consulting and training, to enhance your financial institution's systems and processes with the guidance of our highly knowledgeable and experienced experts.


This training plan covers all critical aspects of Treasury Management, including liquidity management, ALM, investment strategies, risk management, funding strategies, cost of carry, and the role of technology. It provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of effective treasury practices and their significance in optimising financial performance and managing risks in financial institutions. A 5-day training plan on Treasury Management for Financial Markets participants:

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