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5 Days Money Markets Operations Training

Mastering Market Considerations and Strategies

  • Ended
  • 1,750 British pounds
  • 121 Brooker Road

Service Description

By the end of this five-day training course, participants should have a comprehensive understanding of various money market instruments and their full scope of considerations: Day 1: Introduction to Money Markets 1. Introduction to Financial Money Markets • Definition and importance of money markets • Role in the broader financial system 2. Types of Money Market Instruments • T-bills, commercial paper, CDs, Repos • Features and characteristics of each instrument 3. Money Market Participants • Understanding the key players (banks, corporations, government entities) • Interbank lending and borrowing 4. Money Market Trading • Money market conventions and pricing • Trading strategies and tactics Day 2: Treasury Bills and Commercial Paper 1. Treasury Bill Overview • Characteristics of T-bills • Auction process and yields 2. Treasury Bill Trading and Investment • Secondary market trading • Portfolio management with T-bills 3. Commercial Paper Basics • What is commercial paper? • Issuers and investors in the commercial paper market 4. Risks and Ratings • Assessing credit risk in commercial paper • Credit ratings and their significance Day 3: Certificates of Deposit and Repurchase Agreements 1. Certificate of Deposit Overview • Types of CDs (negotiable, jumbo, brokered) • Issuers and features 2. CD Investment Strategies • CD laddering • Maximising returns with CDs 3. Repurchase Agreements Explained • How repos work • Repo market participants 4. Risks and Collateral • Managing risks in repo transactions • Collateral and its importance Day 4: Money Market Funds and Risk Management 1. Money Market Fund Basics • Structure and operation of money market funds • Advantages and disadvantages 2. Regulatory Environment • Money market fund regulations and reforms • Implications for investors 3. Risk Assessment in Money Markets • Credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk • Strategies for risk mitigation 4. Case Studies and Best Practices • Real-world examples of risk management • Implementing best practices Day 5: Regulatory Compliance and Advanced Money Market Strategies 1. Money Market Regulations • Overview of key regulations • Compliance requirements and reporting 2. Compliance Challenges • Navigating regulatory changes • Maintaining compliance in evolving markets 3. Yield Curve Analysis • Understanding the yield curve • Strategies for yield curve positioning 4. Trading Strategies • Advanced trading techniques in money markets • Yield enhancement strategies

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  • 121 Brooker Road, Waltham Abbey, UK

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