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5 Days Training on Back Office Operation

Connectivity and Settlement Expertise is only a Start

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  • 1,350 British pounds
  • 121 Brooker Road

Service Description

A full consideration of financial markets Back-Office operations encompasses a comprehensive examination of all the key areas and scope of responsibilities within the Back Office of financial institutions. Back-Office functions play a critical role in supporting the activities of the Front Office and ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the entire organisation. Here is a detailed overview of Back-Office operations: Day 1: Introduction to Back-Office Operations Understanding Back-Office Functions: -Definition and Role of Back Office -Importance of Back Office in Financial Institutions -Interactions with Front and Middle Office -Key Responsibilities and Objectives Regulatory Framework: -Regulatory Requirements and Compliance -Role of Back Office in Regulatory Reporting -Data Security and Privacy Day 2: Trade Confirmation and Validation Trade Confirmation: -Trade Confirmation Workflow -Confirmations and Affirmations -Trade Matching and Exception Handling Trade Validation and Reconciliation: -Trade Validation and Data Integrity -Trade Reconciliation and Error Resolution -Position and Transaction Reconciliation Day 3: Settlement and Clearing Operations Settlement Processes: -Clearing and Settlement Overview -Settlement Systems and Procedures -Central Counterparties (CCPs) Securities Lending and Borrowing: -Securities Lending and Borrowing Operations -Collateral Management -Risk Mitigation in Securities Lending Day 4: Valuation and Pricing in Back Office Pricing and Valuation: -Role of Back Office in Pricing and Valuation -Mark-to-Market (MTM) and Fair Value -Handling Complex and Illiquid Assets Risk Management and Control: -Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Back Office -Control Frameworks and Internal Audits -Operational Risk Management Day 5: Back Office Technology and Connectivity Back-Office Technology: -Back-Office Systems and Software -Automation and Workflow Optimization -Data Management and Reporting Tools Connectivities and Reconciliations: -SWIFT Messaging and Connectivities - Bank Reconciliations -Position Management and Reporting Final Assessment and Certification Review and Assessment of Key Concepts Q&A and Open Discussion Certification of Completion

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  • 121 Brooker Road, Waltham Abbey, UK

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